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Санитарный клапан постоянного давления
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Санитарный клапан постоянного давления

Xusheng(Sanicompass)'s Sanitary CPM valve is often used to maintain a constant inlet or outlet pressure; its valve body connection is flexible and diverse; it has ideal fluidity and cleanability; it is simple to operate, easy to maintain and maintain; it can be directly adjusted. These applications include pasteurization, separation, filling systems, bottling, filters, heat exchangers, etc.

Our sanitary CPM valve use whole adopts 12 thick steel plate forging design processes, the valve core and all parts are adopted Made of AISI316L or 304, the valve body is sandblasted and polished, the diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber, and the highest temperature can reach 140°C.

The Max pressure of valve is 10BAR. Flow direction Kv, fully open (p=1bar): about 23m³/H, Flow range Kv, low capacity (p=6bar): about 2m³/H.

Xusheng(Sanicompass) can produce sanitary CPM valves as per customers' design drawing and requirement.

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